Email Management


All too frequently, Email Management has been a burden that small to large businesses have been forced to bear. With limited resources and the necessity of communications, many businesses often find themselves wrapped up in a mess they are ill equipped to handle. As the modern tech landscape has evolved, it has created an invariable need for businesses to have access to email that cannot be ignored. But with this need comes inevitable risk. Constant threats to communications security are often what can put a strain on businesses not prepared to handle the attention that Email Management requires. These threats risk the overall productivity and function of a business, limiting available resources and IT related manpower. Fortunately, this issue is not permanent and can be solved with the help of Run Smarter IT. By allowing us to handle Email Management, businesses are able to save time and money while leaving the chaos of Email Management behind.

Cloud Based Solutions

We offer a variety of cloud based solutions for all of your email challenges. From email security and backups to reliability and performance. Run Smarter IT provides: Customized email management policies From content management and permissions to archiving and email retention, businesses have an efficient and effective email solution at their finger tips Reduction and elimination of data loss and email downtime With standby email systems, data loss become almost non-existent and downtime virtually undetectable. Spam and virus prevention Modern spam and virus protection that analyzes and inspects hundreds of thousands of email attributes keeping you and your sensitive information safe. Encrypted secure communications Don't fall victim to prying eyes. Email encryption allows designated recipients to communicate free from worry of interception.