Desktop Support

About Desktop Support

Desktop users in a business environment cannot be expected to know all of the ins and out of a desktop system. Whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux, there is a great number of things that can go wrong or will require users to receive extra training before functioning at full steam. Listed below are some of the Desktop Support Services that we are prepared to offer: Computer repair Whether it be crashing programs or failed graphics cards, we quickly ascertain the cause of the problem and get your users back online and working effectively. Hardware Replacement or Repair Traditional IT costs will always include necessary upgrades and repairs to existing hardware and peripherals. But just because these expenses are to be expected doesn't mean you should trust your systems to just anyone. Let us provide you the diagnostic care needed when determining upgrades and fixes to your current workstations.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Let's face it, viruses, spyware and & malware attacks are a part of the modern working world. Businesses should be guarded to such threats, but the inevitable can and does happen. When that happen we are here to lessen the damage and get things operating as they should again with our highly trained Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Support Specialists. Software Install, Upgrade or Repair As needs change in the workplace, software may need to be updated or replaced altogether. Run Smarter Desktop Support Specialists are able to provide quick and efficient software installation, upgrade or repair so that you experience minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Desktop Support is a key part of businesses being able to allow their employees freedom to operate without the added worry of out of date drivers, configuring email clients or hunting down poorly written software tutorials online. After all, every minute an employee spends researching how-tos and troubleshooting guides for a particular issue is a minute spent not achieving company goals. With Run Smarter Desktop Support, businesses are able to create a streamlined work environment where users only call upon a support specialist when needed. Communicating via a variety of methods including telephone, email or chat client, desktop support specialists are highly skilled and expertly trained to be able to quickly identify, troubleshoot and fix any of your desktop issues.

Thinking about deploying a new desktop environment or application? Let an us take care of proper testing and configuration for you, including backups, so that your employees can transition smoothly with minimal downtime. All Run Smarter Desktop Support Specialists are able to preemptively assess your existing IT environment providing a great deal of foresight on potential issues, limitations or roadblocks. Don't let downtime manage your business. Let Run Smarter IT handle all of your Desktop Support needs and eliminate costly issues associated with a purely reactive support environment.