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Run Smarter IT is a team of IT professionals with a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals. And, while we are experts in technology, we always look at it from a business perspective. This allows us to communicate better with our customers to meet and exceed their expectations. If you want to know more about our Run Smarter process designed to help simplify the complexities of IT fill out our contact form!

Why US?

Run Smarter IT stands for more than just Smarter Information Technology Services. Run Smarter IT is dedicated to helping others leverage the power and efficiency available to them. There’s countless ways in which you can streamline and enhance your productivity. The world of IT is complex, Smarter IT makes it simple.

Our Mission

First, we look at technology from a business perspective, so the top priority is reaching the business’ goals. To do so, we ensure there is a solid technology strategy that is in line with the business strategy.

To develop this strategy, many technology decisions have to be made. For many business owners, making technology decisions can seem complex. Having a partner, like Run Smarter IT, that can simplify the complexities of technology means having the best information available to make smart business decisions.

In short, “Running Smarter” means Complexity Simplified

Our Vision

The right technology can greatly help achieve a business’ goals. By conducting a S.M.A.R.T. Review during the early stages of our engagement with our customers, we are able to get valuable insight on our customers’ operations, processes, and their technology, This gives us the information necessary to recommend and deliver Enterprise Solutions that are in line with the business strategies.

We believe these Enterprise Applications are a key component to run a successful and profitable business. It takes many applications working together to guarantee this success. We recommend the right mix of applications and then provide the most effective implementation, support, and training for these applications.

What Is A SMART Review?

It is a crucial step of our 90 Day Strategic Transformation process to convert a business into a strategically oriented organization. 

  • Research, Discover and Document all IT systems.  
    • Gathering systems configuration by an engineer and by an automated process.
    • Meet with upper management to discuss and understand business operations and goals.
    • Meet with employees that work hands on with the systems to learn the workflows and processes.  
  • Last, we analyze and provide a comprehensive IT Strategy that aligns with your goals.

What is the 90 Day Strategic Transformation Process?

In the first 90 days we engage with our new customers, we take the necessary steps to transform the customers’ operational approach. These steps include:

  • A Kickoff, on-boarding meeting with the customer’s staff
  • A SMART Review where we Research, Discover and Document all IT systems
  • A Workflow Evaluation
  • An Analysis of all data accumulated from the SMART Review and the Workflow Evaluation Deliver a Strategic Plan
  • A plan for an Infrastructure Upgrade Project, if deemed necessary.

At the end of the process, the customers are well integrated into our IT Managed Services, and enjoying its many benefits.

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